Katy George

Senior Partner and Managing Partner of Mid-Atlantic Office, McKinsey & Company

Katy George is the Managing Partner of McKinsey’s Mid-Atlantic Office, and a leader in McKinsey’s Manufacturing and Healthcare Practices. Katy also serves on McKinsey’s global governing body, the 30-member Shareholders Council.

Katy’s 21 years of client service have focused on end-to-end supply chain, operations and organizational effectiveness. Katy’s primary focus has been in the pharmaceutical and medical products industry, but she also has worked in automotive, aerospace and consumer packaged goods. She has worked with companies in making decisions about where to manufacture and how to leverage the latest in manufacturing and digital technologies. In much of her work, she has helped companies to build new capabilities across the front-line workforce.

Katy co-leads McKinsey’s partnership with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) in Chicago, a 250-member consortium of leading government, academic, and corporate organizations. DMDII is dedicated to increasing the technology capabilities of the American manufacturing sector and supply base, with a focus on both large corporations and Small and Medium Enterprises. Katy has worked with DMDII to establish a Digital Capability Center to provide training on digital and advanced analytics skills.

Katy is part of the McKinsey Global Institute Council and is broadly published on the topics of manufacturing technology and the future of work. Publications include “Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation” (2013), “Harnessing Automation for a Future that Works” (2016), and “Making it in America” (2017).

In her leadership roles within McKinsey, Katy has actively helped to shape and implement world-class people development approaches. Katy oversees recruiting, professional development, connectivity, sponsorship/mentorship, and evaluation for the ~600 members of the Mid-Atlantic office. Katy co-leads McKinsey’ global Partner Review Committee and is a member of the People Committee of the Shareholders Council, responsible for people strategies and policies. Katy has been very involved in McKinsey’s efforts to promote Inclusion and Diversity, active in Women’s initiatives, the McKinsey Black Network, and McKinsey’s Gay & Lesbian affinity and allies groups.

Katy holds a high honors degree in economics and government from Oberlin College and a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University.

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