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Increasing Performance and Breadth of Capability

Stacey Dietsch is a Partner in the Washington, D.C. Office of McKinsey & Company, where she is a leader of the Organization Practice. In recent years, McKinsey has rapidly responded to new demands from its clients and from the talent it seeks to recruit and retain. Clients are demanding greater functional, digital, and analytics expertise; and top talent is demanding much greater flexibility and personalization in career pathways. Stacey will talk about McKinsey’s journey to increase the confidence, performance, flexibility, and breadth of capability of McKinsey’s consulting staff through a shift to Strengths-based evaluation and feedback and to increasingly personalized career paths. Stacey will also speak to McKinsey’s efforts on Diversity and Flexibility, and the increasing diversification of its recruiting sources and strategy.

Speaker: Stacey Dietsch

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