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Engaging Through Connection: Connecting with Self, Others, and Society 

Every day, organizations around the world set out to do good work—solving complex problems and positively impacting their communities. But how engaged are leaders and employees with this work, and with each other?

Studies have shown that organizations and teams with high employee engagement perform at higher levels and have better earnings per share than their competitors. Connection is the first step toward authentic engagement. Meaningful connection to self, others, and society is critical to an organization’s performance and its ability to sustain a positive workplace.

Organizations can be an instrument for connection by cultivating diverse and inclusive environments and fostering a safe space for employee growth and self-discovery. Mindful organizational structures, practices, and cultures that intentionally nurture the beauty in differences enjoy increased employee productivity, lower turnover, improved health and safety outcomes, and substantially better customer engagement. Implementing engagement strategies also encourages employees to authentically thrive in their roles and become valuable innovation catalysts for their organizations and society.

Whether you want to facilitate connection and engagement in your workplace, become more mindful and understanding of your team, or learn how to sustain a positive work culture with new practices and structures, the 2020 Positive Business Conference will help you meet your goals.

Join us at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, where we’ll share research-based strategies, tactics, and tools and real-world examples for how to build stronger, more connected teams and companies. At the 2020 Positive Business Conference, we’ll recognize, celebrate, and learn from experts and each other about how to become more engaged with our work and each other, how to become more mindful and inclusive of differences, and how to apply this work to the greater good of our customers and global community.

The Positive Business Conference

At the conference, you’ll engage with thought leaders and the latest research on positive business approaches that yield extraordinary results. You’ll network with like-minded individuals from diverse industries and participate in practical hands-on workshops. Finally, you’ll leave with a plan to translate inspiration into action when you return to your organization.

Attendance is limited to ensure high-quality experiences for all, so early registration is recommended. We encourage group attendance to experience the most content and to help enact positive initiatives coming away from the conference. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email

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