Caco Neves

Art Director & Graphic Artist

Caco Neves headshotCaco Neves is an art director and graphic artist based in São Paulo. Caco has a multidisciplinary body of work, combining research in collage and appropriation art with a commercial portfolio. His publications and videos were shown in art fairs such as MoMA PS1 Art Book Fair (NY), I Never Read (Basel), and Miss Read Berlin, and are part of the collection of institutions such as MACBA (Spain), Câmera Club of New York (USA), Chicago Urban Art Society (USA) and others. His videos were shown in alternative art spaces in São Paulo such as Esponja and Tectônica.

Since 2017 he has been a partner of where he works as a creative director being involved with direction for animated movies, art direction for campaigns and events, graphic design projects, and illustration for brands and magazines. He directed music videos for artists such as Age.Sex.Location and Jenny O., and campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola, MTV, Avon, and Granta Magazine. He also published his works on the cover of Serrote Magazine, from Instituto Moreira Salles.

Artist Statement:

“I’ve been experimenting with collage in different ways for the last 10 years. My visual research is focused on the appropriation and reframing of images found in digital collections. I’m interested in creating fragmented narratives in video (cyclic films) and publications and sharing my everyday practice on my social media accounts. The themes of my research are wide in scope, but mostly focused on the vicissitudes of war, the misogyny of androcentrism, the mechanisms of desire, and the deterioration of the public debate.

Collage means reshaping reality, and modifying the perspective so we can understand different ways of seeing the world and living in it. It means teaching the eye to perceive the narrative nuances present in any image, and how to control them. My work practice is quite often minimalistic, I look for the minimum required to move an idea forward, so collage is also a way of editing.”


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