Asking the Question that Changes Everything: How do You Excavate Your Theory of Social Excellence?

Every human being carries unconscious theories that determine how they act in the world. The dominant, unconscious theory practiced by everyone on the planet has been long uncovered by social science. When we enact this unconscious theory, our interactions produce a recognizable social order or culture that then determines the people who produced it. We create and live in hierarchies of incremental aspirations and accomplishments. Every human being also carries a second theory that is more deeply planted in the unconscious and is therefore more difficult to access. It reflects a social order that gives rise to transformational learning and the enactment of excellence. When we surface our theory, we begin to ask the question that changes everything. In this session, we will excavate and integrate our unconscious theories of social excellence and use our enhanced capacity to envision the future of the organizations about which we most care.

Speaker: Robert E. Quinn


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