Removing Cultural Cataracts: The Science of Purpose and the Amplification of Collective Capacity

Cataracts, a prevalent eye ailment, gradually impair vision, potentially leading to blindness. This condition arises when the eye’s once-clear lens becomes cloudy or opaque. Despite the availability of simple medical procedures to restore sight, many opt to endure blindness or even death rather than seek treatment. Similarly, cultural cataracts afflict organizations, distorting collective vision and purpose. When shared values devolve into transactional conventions, moral unity erodes, and organizations face decline. Cultural surgery, akin to cataract surgery, offers a remedy by realigning purpose and fostering cohesion. Yet, resistance often prevails, as leaders cling to outdated paradigms and fear the vulnerability inherent in learning. In this session, we will hold a discussion of the science of purpose and the amplification of collective capacity. 

Speaker: Robert E. Quinn 

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