Mary Hinesly

Faculty in Law, History, and Communications | University of Michigan

mary-hineslyMary Hinesly has been with Michigan Ross for over a dozen years. She teaches digital business systems, processes, and business communication.

She has over 20 years in the private sector and was a successful COO in the retail industry. She has also served as the Director of Educational Content and Research for the National Retail Federation.

Mary is a highly requested consultant on the topics of business, leadership, innovation, communication, and technology. She has been involved with companies on digital transformation and business communication, including Google, Cisco, Amazon, Jive, Microsoft, Kellogg’s, PwC, Wacker Chemical, GE, Unilever, LVMH, The New York Times, United Technologies, and more. She presents workshops and seminars for executives. Her research and consulting work focus on business communication and digital transformation.

Session: Industrial to Digital: The Employee Experience


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