Jackson Sillars

Council Facilitator, Council, Snap Inc.

Jackson Sillars headshotThroughout his twenty-year career in the non-profit and corporate sectors, Jackson Sillars has been co-creating spaces that invite deeper understanding, connection, and belonging. Inspired and guided by the power of listening and storytelling to build new ways of collaborating and relating, he has worked mentoring and teaching youth in leadership development, supporting veterans through reintegration, and facilitating teams of software engineers.

Jackson joined the Council Team at Snap Inc. in 2019 and works primarily with engineering teams to increase connection and listening across levels, functions, and titles. Through Council, Snap team members participate in sessions dedicated to scaling empathy and fostering deeper connections. All new team members experience Council as part of their first day at Snap as a way to connect with others on day one. Team meetings often begin with a short Council and as do new client relationships. Council, ultimately, is a way to build a culture of belonging through story. Nonprofit organizations, schools, and businesses, including Snap Inc., use Council as a way to bring people together to practice deep listening.


Session: Experience the Council Practice with Snap

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