David Hess

Associate Professor of Business Law and Business Ethics | University of Michigan

HessDavidDavid Hess is an Associate Professor of Business Law and Business Ethics at Michigan Ross. He teaches courses on corporate law, corporate social responsibility, and business ethics. Professor Hess’ research focuses primarily on the role of the law in ensuring corporate accountability. His publications in this area have analyzed the use of sustainability reports by corporations, efforts to combat corruption in international business, the connections between corruption and human rights violations, and how the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines and deferred prosecution agreements can be implemented in a way that best assists corporations in developing more ethical corporate cultures.  This research has been published in leading law, ethics, and management journals, and has been recognized with national awards. In 2008, Professor Hess won a Faculty Pioneer Award from The Aspen Institute and the Faculty Award of Excellence for Early Career Achievement from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

Session: Respecting Human Rights


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