Creating Positive Teams using Agile Development Techniques from Silicon Valley

Effectively managing teams continues to be a challenge in organizations across the world, be they Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, government institutions, or even university student clubs. Team management generates many challenges, such as having too much to do in too little time, lack of communication and transparency between team members, missed deadlines, and in the worst cases, infighting and the “blame game” when things go wrong. Agile team management techniques, which were originally developed in Silicon Valley with the rise of fast-changing web and mobile products, can help organizations of all kinds to develop better communications, workload management, and a more positive working culture emphasizing self-reflection and spirit of continuous improvement. In this hands-on workshop we will discuss some of these key techniques, give you a chance to use them, and discuss how they could be applied to your organization.

Speaker: Rashmi Menon

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