Bridging the Issues that Divide Us

In this session, ideological divides will be explored in new ways, leading to insights and opportunities for new business strategies that generate a positive impact for companies and for broader society.

The events of the past year, in the United States and abroad, have created an uncertain and often tumultuous business environment, exposing and widening ideological divides within firms, communities, and families. The goal of this session is to provide some context for these divides and discuss strategies, grounded in rigorous research, through which even the most intractable of these differences may be bridged. Leveraging the academic expertise of three Ross faculty members, the session will focus on three particular divides: 1) The information divide: Examining why some people doubt the existence of certain issues, with particular focus on climate change, despite widespread support from the scientific community; 2) The integration divide: In the face of widespread globalization and automation, we must reimagine firms’ relationships with their workers; and 3) The economic divide: Exploring the implicit assumption that prioritizing the poor is bad for profitability.

Speakers: Achyuta Adhvaryu + Andy Hoffman + Ted London; facilitated by Wally Hopp

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