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Awakening Compassion at Work

We are living in an epidemic of despair and incivility at work—an epidemic that is a costly drain on organizational potential. Managers, leaders, and change agents regularly face the challenge of turning around demoralizing environments and rehumanizing institutions when they want to increase the possibilities for innovation, high-quality service, and collaborative excellence. Compassion is a quiet power that elevates the humanity in organizations. While you may never have put it on your strategic agenda, this interactive and enlivening workshop will invite you to explore how alleviating the suffering that flows from disengagement and incivility relates to the strategic human capabilities that fuel innovation, service, and adaptability. Marshalling evidence from two decades of research combined with compelling accounts from real organizations, we will help you understand the social architecture of compassion in your organization and develop a personal and organizational blueprint for change. Once we see the surprising power of compassion, we also see that awakening compassion at work is both worthwhile and within reach.

Speakers: Jane Dutton + Monica Worline

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