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Surfacing Your Best Self to Accelerate Your Impact

Many of us have received feedback about our strengths and weaknesses over the course of our careers, and perhaps even taken strengths surveys that tell us about ourselves. Yet few of us have the sense that such feedback has helped us live and work at our best every day. This session will introduce three lenses on strengths, helping surface who you are at your best in new and vivid strokes. We will challenge you to develop a comprehensive strengths portfolio, drawing on different kinds of strengths that you can grow and exercise in different types of situations. This integrative and holistic viewpoint enables you to develop a strengths mindset by drawing on a number of tools created within the domain of Positive Organizational Scholarship, including the widely admired Reflected Best Self ExerciseTM created by founding faculty at the Center for Positive Organizations. You will walk away with a new understanding of the impact you have on others when you are at your best, and how to accelerate that impact by living and working at your best more often.

Speaker: Monica Worline

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