Ashley Goodall

Senior Vice President of Methods and Intelligence, Cisco

Ashley Goodall is an executive, leadership expert, and author, and has spent his career exploring large organizations from the inside. He looks for the lessons from the real world that help people and teams thrive, and that make work a more human place for all of the humans in it.

His first experiences of teams and leadership were as a student musician and conductor. He was fascinated by the unspoken understanding between people playing together and carried this fascination into the corporate world. At Cisco, he leads the Inclusive Growth organization which seeks to orchestrate all of the people-related activities in the company. It is comprised of digital experts, operations leaders, communicators, brand managers, designers, researchers, change managers, and data scientists who work to ensure that Cisco’s 1,300-person People & Communities organization has a clear understanding of the work in front of it, is focused on the right things, and drives continuous progress and movement across the organization. He also serves as the chief of staff to the Chief People Officer. Previously, he led organizations focused on research and leader and team development.

The new approaches he has pioneered address everything from performance management, to feedback, to team activation technology, to real-time team intelligence, to social network mapping, to strengths-based leadership—and together these challenge much of the conventional wisdom of work today.

Ashley is the co-author, with Marcus Buckingham, of Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World (Harvard Business Review Press, April 2019)—which was selected as the best management book of 2019 by Strategy + Business and one of Amazon’s best business and leadership books of 2019. He is also the author of two cover stories in the Harvard Business Review: The Feedback Fallacy (March/April 2019)—which was Harvard Business Review’s most popular article of 2019—and Reinventing Performance Management (April 2015).

Twitter: @littleplatoons
Instagram: @ashley_goodall

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